Laurelwood Revelry**

(Next Generations With A Whiskey Chaser SH   x   U-HR MBISOH MRBISOH NOHS-Platinum GCHS* Laurelwood’s True Bearing BN RN SH WDX)

DOB: 07/20/2020  |  Height: 25″  |  Weight: 80 pounds |  Color: Brown  |  Coat: very dense

Health Clearances:  Hips – Good|  Elbows – Normal |  Eyes – Normal  |  Cardiac – Normal  |  DM – Carrier  |  EIC – Clear  |  PRA – Clear  |  Long Coat – Clear

Revel is available to approved bitches by natural breeding, fresh chilled or frozen.

Revel is from our 2020 Jimmer x True litter and we are very excited about this young boy we co-own with Andrew & Stacy Hanley in Ocala, Florida.  He’s showing excellent angulation, good bone and substance, a strong topline and outstanding movement.  He’s a friendly and confident boy, with excellent marking and drive in the field.  Revel made the National Derby List in 2022, Qualified for the National Derby Championship and was the High Point Chesapeake Derby Dog for 2022.  Revel was the winner of the American Chesapeake Club’s Chesdel Chippewa Chief Trophy and the Meg’s Patty O’Rourke Trophy for 2022.

Revel will continue training for both show and performance titles. We are really looking forward to watching him mature and progress.

Here are a few of Revel’s accomplishments so far:

  • FT Derby 1ST – Shoreline Retriever Club
  • FT Derby 3RD – Talbot Retriever Club
  • FT Derby 3RD – Flat River Retriever Club of Michigan
  • FT Derby 4TH – Jacksonville Retriever Club
  • FT Derby JAM – Maryland Retriever Club
  • FT Qualifying JAM – Black Warrior Retriever Club